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“Gas is cleaner. Gas is cheaper. But most, importantly, gas is available. And we believe it’s time for gas.”
Tony Attah, CEO, Nigeria LNG

Mr. Attah described his company’s purpose as reducing or completely eliminating gas flaring, while monetizing gas and bringing it as a value-based asset for the country. Nigeria LNG has already helped reduce gas flaring from 65% to less than 20%.

He said that a strong partnership with Baker Hughes underpins the efficiency needed for cost competitiveness going into the future. Nigeria will celebrate delivery of 22 million tons of LNG by mid 2020, and believes that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Tony Attah

Mr. Attah touched on some of the most impactful programs Nigeria LNG is working on as a company. He is passionate about creating employment, reducing unemployment and poverty, and perhaps most importantly, they aim to eliminate malaria in the area in part by implementing health insurance programs. He believes it’s time to change the conversation about the nearly one billion people without access to energy—50% of whom are in Africa. Nigeria LNG is positioned to make a difference in that space. As gas is cleaner, cheaper and, most importantly, available, they believe it’s time for gas.

CEO, Nigeria LNG

Tony Attah

Engr. Tony Attah is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria LNG Limited and the Vice President of Bonny Gas Transport.