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“I think until 2050, possibly even beyond 2050, there is a huge and growing role for gas to play.”
Marco Alverà, CEO, SNAM

Marco Alverà discussed the future of green gas as it relates to both Europe and the world. He identified three things the industry must do to meet the significant challenge of getting to net zero by 2050: get the electricity sector green, get electricity to take on a greater share, and decarbonize heating and the hard-to-abate sectors.

Mr. Alverà talked about the desire to replace coal with gas, and the more easily attainable switch from oil to gas. He described how green gas can play a big role in decarbonization, proposing that the only way heat can be decarbonized, is to find a medium in which to store energy for the long term. Green gases can be stored for a long time, transported over long distances, and transported and stored at a very low cost. He also discussed renewable energy, solar power in particular, and its prohibitive costs thus far. But he is optimistic that the costs are coming down.

SNAM is Europe’s largest transporter of natural gas and the largest storage company for natural gas. To future-proof its network, it is also investing in downstream, bio-methane, and hydrogen—having fully tested a 10% hydrogen blend to illustrate that blending is easy and the cheapest way to integrate intermittent renewables into the energy system.

Marco Alverà
CEO, Snam

Marco Alvera'

Marco Alverà, 44, is an Italian-American businessman and has been the CEO of Snam, one of the world’s leading energy infrastructure companies, since April 2016.

Marco has 20 years of experience in Italy’s most prominent energy companies.…