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Panel discussion moderated by Amrita Sen, Director of Research, Energy Aspects

“As an industry, we should stop apologizing because, without gas, without pretty much everything that we stand for, we simply cannot have growth. It is just very much about being responsible, about how we grow that. And gas has to be a solution to that.”
Amrita Sen, Director of Research, Energy Aspects

Is natural gas a transition fuel, or a fuel of the future?

Hitoshi Okawa remarked that LNG and natural gas are a long-term and fundamental solution to develop and maintain a low carbon economy. He believes that companies will need to shift their portfolios from oil to gas. Hamed Al Naamany pointed out that, in the Middle East, they are investing in LNG but also seeing increasing renewable energy in wind and solar. Renewable energy is seen as vital because of the growing demand for energy globally.

The panelists discussed Henry Hub, and Mark Gvetvay said that it is not the global benchmark anymore. Different factors now contribute to the regional price of oil, which has been recovering since 2016. He added that the industry must listen to its customers, and deliver the lowest cost, or they’ll be out of the business.

The discussion turned to the topic of gas demand. Projected gas demand growth shows that there is going to be space for everybody, and today’s partnerships will support the future. As technology supports growth in places like Asia and the Middle East, seasonality in gas prices will be eliminated.

Panel Partecipants
Chief Corporate Service Officer, Oman LNG

Hamed Al Naamany

Hamed Al Naamany, currently the Chief Corporate Service officer for OLNG Since Dec 2019, comes with a rich and solid experience of 22 years in the Oil & gas Industry. He started his career in the oil Sector prior joining OLNG in 2000.

CFO & Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Novatek

Mark Gyetvay

Mark Gyetvay is the CFO and Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at NOVATEK. He is an 

EVP and President Director, INPEX Australia

Hitoshi Okawa

Hitoshi joined INPEX CORPORATION (formerly known as Indonesia Petroleum, Ltd) in 1994 following ten years with Japan China Oil Development Company in various domestic and international assignments.

In 1998, following four years in the…

Director of Research, Energy Aspects

Amrita Sen

Amrita Sen is the co-founder and Director of Research at Energy Aspects. She leads Energy Aspects’ analysis and forecasting of crude and products markets.

Amrita’s deep understanding of the complex relationships within the global energy…