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“We must continue to grasp technology to ensure we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in service of lower carbon energy.”
Gordon Birell, Chief Operating Officer for Production, Carbon & Transformation, BP

Gordon Birrell discussed how he sees the oil and gas industry helping lead the energy transition. As this momentous change happens, he says conversations about climate change, and the criticism of oil and gas, are getting louder. Mr. Birrell believes the energy transition should be seen as an opportunity and not a threat.

In addition to the various ways in which the world needs oil and gas, he went on to say that there is now a societal demand for a change in how oil and gas is produced. Modern technology such as drones, crawlers, and rovers can help to improve the efficiency of facilities. BP believes that the industry must do more to measure methane emissions, and they are using technology to help identify and mitigate methane emissions.

Birrell emphasizes the importance of engaging, empowering, and inspiring the teams of talented scientists, engineers, and technologists who are employed in this industry. When their knowledge and experience is explored, innovation happens. BP has set up a $100 million low carbon fund that is turning ideas into reality.

Gordon Birrell
COO Production, Transformation & Carbon, BP

Gordon Birrell

Gordon Birrell is currently BP Upstream Chief Operating Officer: Production, Transformation and Carbon, and a member of BP’s Upstream Executive Team.

Gordon’s global portfolio includes accountabilities for: